Morgenstern Trio


Stella Adorf


„Wo die Sprache endet, fängt die Musik an“
Oberon Trio, Morgenstern Trio, Amatis Trio, Stella Maria Adorf
19 November 2022, 6.00 – 10.30 p.m.

In collaboration with conc.arts berlin gUG, the Berlin Oberon Trio has developed the concept for a new kind of chamber music festival centred on the piano trio and the richness of its repertoire. The first edition of this TRIOGIPFEL on 19 November 2022 will present the Oberon Trio, the Amatis Trio, the Morgenstern Trio and the actress Stella Maria Adorf.   

The TRIOGIPFEL E.T.A. 200 pays tribute to one of the most important artists of German Romanticism: E.T.A. Hoffmann, poet, caricaturist, composer, music critic and music lover, creator of fantastic (dream) worlds and mocking observer of petty bourgeois philistinism – in short, the epitome of the universal Romantic artist, whose death anniversary will be 200 in June 2022. In addition to Hoffmann’s Piano Trio in E major, the programme includes Beethoven’s “Ghost Trio”, Brahms Piano Trio op. 8, Schumann’s Piano Trio No. 2 and specially commissioned piano trios by Britta Byström (Doppelgänger Music) and Frank Zabel (Der Sandmann). The repertoire will be combined with texts by E.T.A. Hoffmann, read by Stella Adorf.

The TRIOGIPFEL E.T.A. 200 will be climbed as a long concert night at KühlhausBerlin, an exciting new venue for classical music in the immediate vicinity of Gleisdreieck Park.

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With the kind support of „Klangwert“ – ensemble-funding from Aventis Foundation.